Saturday, June 2, 2012

Australia - Sydney Harbour - 13.11.1970

  The Pilot boat greats the 'Himalaya' just outside Sydney Harbour Heads.

 After two of the longest days we've ever spent we can see HOME!   It's a two day sail from Auckland, I've done that sail twice in my life and believe me they are the longest two days ever!  The ship is finishing it's trip, (a six week trip from England) there is little or no entertainment going on, people are packing up their goods and chattels and everyone is anticipating seeing family and friends once again.

 These have to be the most beautiful Heads in the Whole Wide World!   Lisbon Harbour is pretty but their Heads aren't much, same with Vancouver and San Francisco... Sydney has the most beautiful entrance to the most beautiful Harbour in the World! 

A Hydrofoil taking people to work in the big City from Manly.

 There's Mum and brother Nick, waiting at the Overseas Terminal in Circular Quay.


 A photo sent to me by Crystal, my new friends in Reading, UK :-)  Isn't she just beautiful!  This photo was found in a book about P&O Liners.  The S.S.Himalaya was retired in 1974, only four years after we sailed home on her.

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