Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tabitha in Australia - Christmas - 1972.

This is our Christmas Photo for 1972.

By now, we'd toured a little on weekends, to Canberra mainly to visit family and friends, and we'd bought a home and our first born is enjoying life in a London Taxi.   Although by now I think I had a Ford Falcon Station Wagon because 'Tabitha' had let me down terribly by failing her brakes going down a very steep hill at Brookvale... I went straight through red traffic lights at the bottom of the hill with my feet standing on the brake and pulling the hand brake full on.    Tabitha wasn't going fast, I had managed to slow her but not stop!

Boy oh Boy!   Nerys and I were lucky, if I were to sail through those same traffic lights today I would make a dreadful mess of not only myself but many others.  There is a lot more traffic around now than back then. 

I can still see the faces on the road workers nearby...  A London Taxi going through red lights with a woman driving and a baby in a bassinet inside!  LOL  They did come over to offer help.

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