Sunday, June 3, 2012

'Tabitha Taxi' - Reunited - 13.11.1070.

How exciting is this, at last we are reunited with 'Tabitha' after her six week trip to Sydney and our seven months trip through the USSR and the USA back home to Sydney.  What a lot of kerfuffle 'Social Briefs' was, maybe it still is, I've never looked.

 Gollygosh... look at that number plate!!  Where did that come from?  I guess it was 'Tabitha's' first registration and this was the number she received!   Neither of us remember it and David can remember every single number plate he's ever owned.   It wasn't long before we changed those plates to FX 137, more fitting for an Austin FX 3.  I don't think we were allowed to have just that number.
We get straight off the ship, head to Newport Beach, pick up 'Tabitha' then around to Crescent Road for a good wash and scrub down.

 Tim with his broken arm, David and his sister Julia... who is that at the back of the Cab I wonder?

I don't know who that is at the back either?  Friends of Tim's maybe.

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digging up the dirt said...

she sure is dirty! Glad to see there were so many workers