Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sydney photos we took in October 1967 and again in 2010.

 David at the Overseas Terminal, Circular Quay in 1967 and below in 2010.

 Circular Quay from the Overseas Terminal in 1967 and below in 2010.

 Manly Ferry, Dee Why in 1967.        The engineer was a Mr McDougal, David introduced himself hoping to get to drive her on our trip to Manly...  Huh!  No way, Mr McDougal didn't even let David in the Engine Room :-)    I prefer the look of the 1967 Ferry than the one below taken in 2010.

Going to Manly on the Dee Why with the unfinished Opera House in the background in 1967 but well and truly finished in 2010, it's 38 years old in fact.

 Fort Denison, also known as Pinchgut' in 1967 and below in 2010.

 AEC Double Decker going South on George Street with David on the Platform, he is about to jump off at Martin Place in 1967, below a Single Decker Volvo in 2010.

 Martin Place had traffic through it in 1967, no longer in 2010 below.


Quilty Cat said...

Oh Pennie, I never knew Sydney in that time but I just loved looking at the way life was then...hard to imagine that there was a time when the Opera House was still being built.
Loved the pic with the Bridge in the there's a timeless scene as well as the subject also being timeless!! :)

Pennie and David said...

LOL He likes the photo for the ship in the background. I'll bet you hardly even noticed it eh :-)