Thursday, June 30, 2011

Choosing a Christmas Card - 2.12.1968

 Our friend John Savage took these photos, John was a work colleague of mine and a bit of a photographer.  In November we went off to St Leonard's Wood near Horsham and John snapped away.  I remember thinking how geeky we looked in our matching jumpers that I'd knitted and it took us forever to choose one photo to use as a Christmas Card for our families and friends back home in Australia, but now when I look at these photos I think we looked rather beautiful.   LOL    Time is a wonderful thing.

I liked the top photo but not enough of the Taxi in it. David is sitting in the driver's seat and Pennie is sitting on the fold-down 'dickie' seat in the passenger compartment.

The next we liked but you can't really see the Taxi here either.

This one is a bit blurry.

No Taxi at all!

I liked this one... Kangaroo painted by David from the design on an Aussie Penny.

 Nice... I like this one :-) but still not enough Taxi.

The pose is a bit... bit... bit... well you know a bit too lovey dovey,  but the Taxi looks great so this is the one we chose.
Below is one of our Christmas Cards for 1968.

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