Sunday, June 19, 2011

Postcards - New Forest - 9.9.1968

New Forest, Hampshire 13/9/1968 - to - Mary,  Deakin. ACT 2600

Dear Mum,
Mrs Waugh (and Mr.) (!) came down for lunch on Sunday - she’d received her parcel and was THRILLED.  We haven’t yet seen the contents.  The card is from a recent weekend drive, in Hants. Wilts and Dorset.   The ‘New Forest’ is striking for it’s wide open spaces, distinctive vegetation, rather like Snowy Mountains Snow Country in Summer.  Still Taxiing happily - we haven’t christened her yet.
Love to all P&D

The Cat and Fiddle Inn, Hinton Admiral
Located on the A35 road at the western edge of the New Forest the ‘Cat and Fiddle’ Inn with it’s thatched roof is a popular and interesting stop for tourists.

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