Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our first Camping trips in 'Vera' - July 1968

 The New Forest, Hampshire.
After work on Fridays, we would pack up 'Vera' and head off to see as much of England as we could in a weekend, arriving back late on the Sunday night.

Money wasn’t flowing and saving for more travelling was important, so camping was the go.   We’d set off from work, drive until daylight failed us, which was around 10pm in Summer, find somewhere quiet to pull off the road and settle down for the night.  David sleeping in the back of ‘Vera’ and me in front, juggling my knees, or my arms with the steering wheel,  stretching out was impossible for me and even worse for David.

It took us a while to realize and to get used to the fact that the next village on a map of the English Countryside, might only take us a 10 minute drive compared to Australia where it could be several hours, it made covering a lot of ground very easy.

 Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.
 Not the sort of beach we were used to. 
This is where we had our first argument.  It was summer, it was reasonably hot, I'd come from a beach suburb in Sydney and needed to have a swim in the ocean.  For several days I suggested we drive to the closest beach after work (less than 30 minutes away) and each day David had an excuse.
(he isn't fond of cold water)
Eventually, on a particually hot summers day we headed off for a swim and we arrived at this beach! Shoreham-by-Sea
Romantic name but...... I couldn't hide my dismay, I hobbled and limped towards the water in my bare feet over these large pebbles and when I reached the waters edge the water was not the cleanest and was quite shallow, it wasn't inviting, so I decided I wasn't going in, David wasn't pleased, he was already in the water and was calling me to follow but I wouldn't, I just sat on my towel on these very uncomfortable rocks and sulked while he went further and further out towards France!
  he'd gone almost out of sight and he wasn't even up to his waist in water.  
I never heard the end of it...
'I took you to the beach and you wouldn't go in!!'
'I took you to the beach and you wouldn't go in!!'
'I took you to the beach and you wouldn't go in!!' 
Well I am making that last bit up but I was told this several times. Funny now LOL

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