Sunday, June 19, 2011

Postcards - Wales - 3.9.1968

 Snowdonia, Wales 3/9/1968 - to - Nick, Newport. NSW 2106

Dear Nick,
Sorry this card is a bit muddy but we slept the night in the car and it rained and rained and we and every thing else got wet and muddy.  The London Taxi of ours is very good to drive and very comfortable to sleep in except the boot leaks but David will fix it. Wales is a really lovely place we are going there again soon we hope.  We went on a trip on a little train right up in the hills.  The hillsides of Wales are really interesting, one time you‘ll get all slate hills, then next, rich green with cattle and sheep, next pine forests, next covered in heather.

Love P & D.

Snowdon - Snowdonia - Beddgelert
Betws-coed - Snowdon

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