Sunday, June 26, 2011

Postcards - Lands End - 4.10.1968

Lands End, Cornwall 4/10/1968 - to - Nick, Newport. NSW 2106

Hi Nick,
Here we are at Land’s End at last, took us 5 days travelling to get here.  It really is lovely.  If you look in the Aunty Cranky* card collection in the card table you will find a postcard with the First and Last House on it.  I remember it being there and its so good to see something like that.  We have been camping in our Taxi every night, cooking our meals beside the road on a gas stove, having freshly picked blackberries, plenty beside all the roads and fresh Devon Clotted Cream, boy fattening.  Will write when we get home.
Love Pennie and David.

Lands End
(*Aunty Cranky was Mum’s Aunt, and my Great Aunt, she spent years travelling the world in the 1950’s sending us more than 150 postcards in that time.  Cranky was a nickname, her real name was Nancy, she and John lived at 'Wollogorang' where David and I met. Nancy was a nurse who nursed John at one time, he said she was a cranky nurse hence the nickname which she got before she married.)

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