Tuesday, June 14, 2011

After the Honeymoon - June 1968

David had picked me up from Heathrow in his old dark blue Vauxhall Wyvern called ‘Vera’, not a good looking car I thought but there again I’d never put much thought into how a car should look. 

Trouble in Much Hadham.

After a weeks honeymoon in London, we travelled to Leamington Spa,Warwickshire to stay with the Gallagher's who were friends of David's parents, then we stayed with friends of Justin's in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire (There is a Little Hadham, Hadham Ford, Hadham Cross and there used to be a Great Hadham, but it's now just a Golf Club) before heading to ‘The Cottage’ a converted old Coach House belonging to ‘Henfield House’ in Henfield, Sussex, our home for the next 6 months.  
 Cooking my first meal as a married woman!  What did I cook?  I didn't know how to cook, I'd only ever cooked Great Aunt Carol's fudge before  LOL  Oh well we survived.

David enjoying a Resch's DA that I'd bought with me from home - watching our £9 television.

'The Cottage' had the most delightful views over the South Downs and Mrs Hurst who was a wonderfully helpful and charming Landlady.  We both had jobs in nearby Horsham, me as a Secretary for 'Reid and Campbell' a Fire Extinguisher Hire firm and David as an Electrical Fitter with 'Neil and Spencer' a dry cleaning machinery company. (neither company still exists)

After my flight from Sydney, after our Wedding, after our Honeymoon, after setting up our Cottage, after finding my Job...  I woke on the second day of work feeling totally dead, I asked David to call the office and tell them I wouldn't be in today... when he came and sat on my bed I reminded him to call them when he got to work... and he said... I did!
He'd been to work for the day.
I'd slept for about 20 hours  LOL  I must have needed that sleep because I thought only 5 minutes had passed since he'd got up.
David with Mrs Hurst and Sally at Henfield House.
 Pennie with Mrs Hurst in her sitting room.

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