Saturday, June 18, 2011

Postcards from Australia - Windsor - 7.8.1968

 St Matthews Historic Church, Windsor. N.S.W.  (Where a lot of my Ancestors are buried)

From:-  My Aunt Pam,  on my behalf of my cousin Matthew Phelan, aged 1 year.  7/8/1968

Dear Pennie, I call you 'Bennie' now, instead of 'Nennie', I love going out to work.  I have a good friend, Markel, whom I love and Becka who plays with us.  Dad bought me a little red suitcase with a pussy on it.  I carry my bag to work with Daddy, and I'm in too big a hurry to say goodbye.  I have been taught to say 'taa' instead of 'thank-you' Love to David, from your loving cousin Matt xxxxx

 The Court House, Windsor. N.S.W.

From:-    My cousin Andrew Phelan, aged about 14. 30/8/1968

Dear Pennie & David, Mum + Dad have just had w-w carpet laid.  This greatly improves appearances.  Anyway, where is your next port of call?  What places did you visit in England.  These answers I will expect on a STAMPED envelope.  Love Andy.

The Doctors House, Windsor. N.S.W. 

From:-   My cousin Sue Phelan, aged about 13.  25/7/1968

Dear Pennie & David, You know my friend Janelle Hudson, well her father has just been appointed 'Chairman of the Milk Board' of New South Wales.  He gets $16,000 a year and $3,000 party money and a Ford Galexy.  Isn't that great!?  But the only thing is that they'll be leaving soon and I'll miss Janelle because we were great friends.  Love Sue xxx
P.S.  This is my friend Mary's house on the front.

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