Monday, June 27, 2011

Postcards from Friends - Barb Steele - 7.11.1968

P&O Oriana.

From:- Barb Steele - 7.11.1968

Dear Pennie and Dave,

     Thanks so much for your telegram.  What a lovely surprise for one lonely girl in a cabin with two old ladies and a mother with 2yr old baby.

     We've been having rather rough weather but are heading for the sun any day now, (we hope).  Got 3 nice people on my table - we're all trying to write at the moment but it's not very easy when you feel a bit uneasy.  Even the band members were ill last night.

       Love Barb

(David, Nerys 6, Tomos 5, Briony 2, and I sailed home to Australia on the Oriana in November/December 1979, before she was scrapped, she was indeed a fabulous ship... this was our second time in the U.K.)

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