Saturday, June 18, 2011

Postcards from Australia - Australia - 28.8.68

Christmas Tree (W.A.)  Often grows 25-30ft high and is covered with golden flowers at Christmas time.

From:- Barb Steel   - Swanbourne, W.A.
(Friend of the Waugh's and one of the 7 people at our Wedding, she sailed back to Australia not long after.)

Dear Pennie and Dave,
Sorry no mail from me sooner, I've been flitting around the countryside quite a bit and in between have done some temporary work and had my brother & family down (two gorgeous children so of course we frequented the beach, zoo etc)  and have been making a bridesmaid dress for a cousin's wedding next week.  School starts tomorrow so I must start being conscientious.  Hope to catch up with mail soon.  Done any trips lately?  How are you braving the cold Pennie?  Pam is engaged, nice chap from England.  Barb.

Australian Aboriginal Tribesman. Northern Territory.
(The rock painting behind this aboriginal tribesman is part of  'The Dreaming', the myths, rites and way of life of his tribe.)

From:- Nick, my brother.

Dear Pen,
Thank you very much for the wedding cake.  We are on holidays now and yesterday we went to see Planet of the Apes.  Do you like the picture on the front, Mama bought it.  Marcus is down next to me peering over my shoulder.  Give a hand shake from me to David.  Love Nick xxx


Australian Aboriginal Tribesman n'Dhala George Cave. Northern Territory.
(Tribesman carry handmade wooden spears and shields the same as those used by the first Australians long before white settlement.)

From Nick:- my brother.

Woof Wenny,
Wallo we've a wot a wag story.  Woof bow wow wow and then woof got bow and woow.  But growl got woof and the new hinn and the wound.  Growl Growl Ang.

Translation - Translator Nicky.
Hi Penny, Hello I've got a good dog story.  I've been sick and Wickie (neighbours dog) came and saw me every day but he wasn't allowed in.  Bye Bye Angel, paw paw

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