Monday, June 27, 2011

Postcards - Scilly Isles - 7.10.1968

 St Mary’s, Scilly Isles. 7/10/1968 - to - Meredith, Newport. 2106

Hell lo Merrie,
We LOVE the Scillies, there are sandy beaches with surf some days, DARLING little pubs (2).  Yesterday we surfed at St Ives in Cornwall*. I can still do it, although it’s necessary to lie on your back to catch the waves, but you can turn over once you get going.  More holidays, less work for me.
Love David (truly)

Hugh Town & the Harbour from SEaways. St Mary’s, Scilly.

*When we arrived at St Ives in Cornwall at about 9:30pm one night we found this beautiful sandy beach with several swimmers as well as several board riders, very different from the pebble beaches in and around Sussex.  Having spent quite a lot of time on Sydney beaches we were very excited and this was the first beach we’d found with real sand. It was getting dark so we drove off to find somewhere on a quiet back road to pull into and settle down for the night, so as to return to the beach at St Ives early the next morning with the sun shining and the heat rising all ready for a swim but... the water had vanished.   Totally vanished.  The sand was still there, there were children making sand castles, the sand was damp but no water.  This was our first lesson of the big tides on the West Coast of the U.K. but we did hang around and eventually, when the water came back, enjoy a sort of a surf. 

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