Wednesday, August 31, 2011

St John's Church Fete - June 1969 - Merrow

 St John's Church with the Horse and Groom pub across the road... very handy :-) and today below, nothing changed once again, except the cars and trees of course.
 The St John's Minister opens the Fete.
 Looks as though we bought up big on books - a bearded gentleman conducting the school band while the children on the right dance.
 Then dance the Maypole... I remember how much we enjoyed this outing, it was so English and a perfect experience of living in a small town.  Sort of like something out of 'Vicar of Dibley' maybe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Postcards from Friends - Jenny Noonan - 24.6.1969

Whitepark Bay, Co Antrim.

From:-  Jenny Noonan, 24.6.1969

Dear Pennie and David,

     Thanks so much for your letter.  I'm so pleased you enjoyed the Show and also the night at the Dorchester.  I was thinking of you both on the day.
     We will probably be back in London about July1st, we have to have the car repaired.  Did I tell you about our accident?  Hope you are both well.
      Love Jenny, Trish, Libby & Jeanette.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oxfordshire - June 1969

The Thames at Henley.
 - and today from Googlemaps.  That black and white sign would be hard to read if you were just driving along, maybe they just leave it there because it's part of history?

Banbury Cross - only changes are the cars.

Banbury Cross from the Car Park - same story no change, except for the cars, in over 40 years.

 Head of the River Thames.

Carfax Tower today, below, I just couldn't get a photo from Google without that darn big bus in the way :-)

We went back to visit the Gallagher's at The Chase, Leamington Spa this weekend... we'd visited them just after we were married 12 months ago.  The Gallaghers were related to one of David's mothers neighbours and they were very welcoming to us.

While David smelled the roses... I was busy up a tree with a saw!

Here I am trying to escape over the Stile!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

John Savage and Parents - June 1969

 John's beautiful parents who were very welcoming and so kind to the two of us each time we visited England.

But where is John?

Aaaahhhh... here he is :-)
Thanks John, great photos.

Do you like my dress?  It was a lovely yellow and all hand knitted by me :-)  I loved it, I called it my Happy Dress!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Sydney Photos.

I remembered that last year David and I spent the day in Sydney taking photos at the same spot as the photos we'd taken before we were married in in 1967, today I went back to that first post and added the new with the old... check them out  :-)

First Wedding Anniversary - June 1968 - spent with Terry and Celia at the Dorchester and a Show.

 I almost left this photo out but...  it has to go in I suppose...  Yikes!   Who is that freak on the right?  I look Goth or something don't I? I made this dress, I went to a hairdresser and paid to have my hair put up, all because I wanted to look sophisticated and trendy just like other smart girls but that is not who I am or have ever been and this is the last time I ever went to so much trouble to look like 'other smart girls' ... I'm much more comfortable being me!   David looks very handsome though doesn't he :-)

 Terry and Celia.  Terry was David's Best Man.
 Is there nothing I didn't keep? 

Neither of us can remember which show we went to that night... 

Postcards from Australia - Ballarat - 10.6.1969

Ballarat, Victoria - Looking to the City Hall, Stuart Street, at sunset.

From:- Andrew, David's brother.      10/6/1969

So far as I know Ballarat is the only town with trams in Australia apart from Melbourne & Brisbane that still maintains an efficient tram service.  We went down there for the Inter Varsity Rowing where we came 6th out of eleven, not too bad.  Ballarat is a strange town, most of the architecture is the ornate land boom style of the late seventies and eighties.  Congratulations on Anniversairy #1.  Andrew.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Postcards from Friends - John Savage - 4.6.1969

Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain.

From:-  John Savage - 4.6.1969

Having a marvelous rest and enjoying the sun.  See you at my party.  Best wishes,  John.

Surrey County Show - 26th May 1969

 Deidre (Peter W's girlfriend) Pennie and the back of Peter on right.

 Very old Steam Operated Pump - Fire Engine.

 Pennie, Deidre and Peter on an old Dennis Fire Engine.

 London Road Station, Guildford.
        ..... and today from Google Maps.  Guildford Cathedral can be seen in the far distance.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Postcards from Friends - Jenny Noonan - 28.5.1969

The Castle, Conway.  Wales.

From:- Jenny Noonan - 28.5.1969

Dear Pennie and David,

     I've been staying in Derby for a few days during the long weekend.  We had the car M.O.T. and it's in good shape so we're driving to Holyhead today to go to Ireland.  We expect to be there about two weeks.
     We've met some beaut people travelling around and we've been back to their homes to stay.  We've been very impressed with Bath, Chester, Cheltenham and Shrewsbury.  The 'Youth Hostels' haven't been too bad, but from what I've heard from Trish, hostels are really primitive. I do hope your jobs are both going well.  

     See you soon, Jenny.

Castle Conway from Google.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Postcard from Friends - John Savage - 23.5.1969

General view of Devils in Mina. Jedda. Saudi Arabia.

Here's an unusual card for your collection - note David - NO bus stops!!  Or Pennie - no lasagne stalls - what potential!!
Contrary to popular belief this is not the reunion of the John Savage appreciation society!!
Best wishes, John.

Marks and Sparks - May 1969

 My next job in England was at Marks and Spencer's on the High Street, Guildford.  I loved this job, nobody told me not to work (as at Reid and Campbell) I worked Monday to Thursday leaving Friday free to go to the Laundromat, stock up at the Supermarket and pack the Taxi for the weekend of touring.  I worked some Saturday Mornings if needed.  Lunches were provided for 10 pence, they were three courses and delicious...  Soup, Roast and Sweets... or in Summer, Tomato Juice, Cold Meat Salad and Sweets!  What's not to love about that!

 Two of the Supervisors... Mr Craig and Mr Tough  :-)  I have no idea what their first names were... I was never to know methinks!  Why do both of them have their eyes closed?

 Busy folding and folding...

I don't remember who the girl in the middle is but on the right is Mrs Gulliver and Jane... I do remember Jane was just newly married and renting two rooms, she went to her Mothers on Sunday for a bath! 

Do you see how the hangers are facing?  We had to have them all facing the same way, towards the left.   You can come and check my wardrobe today... 43 years later, and you will find all my hangers face the same way.  I was brainwashed very well by M&S  :-)  I did check last time I was in the UK in 2005... they've gone a tad slack I'm afraid to report, they face every which way now.  Maybe they need me back there!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tea Time and Party, Party, Party - May 1969

 Tea at the Waugh's was a regular event.  Elsie and Rupert were very welcoming and they looked on David as a second son, he having lived with them for several months.   That's Peter on the left with one of his many girlfriends... Deidre.
 Another Party at Merrow.  I had started hanging the postcards we received from home up on the walls.

Peter, Deidre and Graham,  Graham later immigrated to Australia but didn't stay, I have no idea where he is now.  Graham was very proud of his job at a Glass House Factory, he was the Erection Supervisor!
Hey... there's something you won't see now days... David smoking! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Postcard from Friends - Jenny Noonan - 28.4.1969

From Jenny, Libby, Jeanette and Trish. Brixham 28.4.1969

Dear Pennie and David,
     Thanks so much for having us at your place last weekend.  We had a marvellous time, the rowing on the River Wey was terrific fun.  We left London on Thursday 24th, have put the tent up only once and slept in the car the rest of the time, you can imagine the four of us in the back of the station wagon.  Have been to some fascinating little villages, stayed at B&B one night which was lovely.  We're having Devonshire Tea at the moment and we're going to have Ploughman's Lunch this afternoon.  We're planning to stay in Cornwall for a few days if the weather is good.  I think we're going to be in Caernavon for July 1st when Prince Charles is Invested, we'll probably be away for about two months.   We left the bags with a friend of Libby's in London, thanks anyway.  I'll see you when I come back.
        Love Jenny, Libby, Jeanette and Trish.

Not much has changed in Brixham in 40 years... This is a Google grab from today.