Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easter Holiday early April in 1969 and we're touring the English countryside once again.

First nights stop over - Birkhamstead Common, in the Chilterns, Hertfordshire.  Tabitha was behaving beautifully by now, she certainly loved being back home.  Can you see what David is doing here... he has a bottle of Fairy Liquid in his hand :-)  I just love it!

Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.

Doesn't it look beautiful today from Google... different angle from the above photo.

A Helter Skelter at Woburn Abbey... I might have been a bit grown up for a ride on this Helter Skelter at Woburn Abbey, but as a child reading mostly English Literature I'd seen pictures and heard of the thrills and fun but never seen one... on the slide down I was sitting on a soft hessian mat but when I slid onto that really rough door mat at the end, put there to slow the kids up...  well let me just say... I wish I'd had long pants on!  or held onto the mat I was sitting on....  Whoa!! 

The Bullring in Birmingham... nuff said, we didn't like Birmingham much and have never, after two more long term stays in Britain, been back.  I guess this is what happens to a city when it's so badly damaged by bombing during WW2, very sad.

Tamworth Castle on the River Tame, Staffordshire.

Worcester Cathedral, Worcestershire in the West Midlands.

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