Saturday, August 6, 2011

Italy - Rome - February 1969

Our first sight of the Collosseo.  Only difference today, below,  are the souvenir stalls and the hoards of tourists.  The Eternal City is indeed incredible and very beautiful, the history, the people, the food... the whole buzz was amazing.   Although I remember some weird things as well... car parking... here there and everywhere double park, front in, back in, sideways, on footpaths, half up and half down... just anywhere at all, it didn't seem to matter, I have no idea if there were any parking police.  Also car horns!  Oh my goodness the noise!  And one other thing...  ladies didn't shave their legs which did look a little different to the clean shaved mini skirted young girls in other big cities.
And inside...
Foro Traiano Trojan's Column
I have Googled and Searched for this same spot but cannot find it anywhere... unlike the Apollo in Nice he couldn't have been removed because of his nakedness because he simply isn't naked, but where is he?  Maybe he's gone out of favour or something.
Thanks to Daphne and Dy and Di (after I asked for help on one of my other Blogs) my Caesari has been found, see below.  There are so many statues of Caesar in Rome that are similar but not quite the same.    Hurray... Internet friends are fantastic!

And for some of David's friends... an old Roman Tram!  Long gone.

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