Monday, August 22, 2011

'Simply messing about in boats' just like Toad from Toad Hall :-) - April 1969

 Boating on the River Wey from Farncombe boat shed...  Pennie on right with her Nursing friend Jenny  behind.  Jenny, Trish, Libby and Jeanette were over from Australia for a short holiday, it was lovely to see more friends from home.

 David was our Captain... although there was some doubt seeing his hat was from his Bus Driving days  :-)  we allowed him to think he was Captain though.

 Picnic beside the River Wey, looks a tad chilly doesn't it... I wonder if we ate Cucumber sandwiches and lashings of fruit cake and ginger beer just like the Famous Five!

 This was Peter's idea all the way back from the Pub... Hi ho, hi ho off to the boat we go!

 Jenny and Pennie.
 Shalford Bridge after the floods... there are cars on this bridge!  Yikes!

 Do you think these two lads were hoping to let the water in so fast that it tipped us all out of our boats!
Jeanette and Libby.

A very peaceful Shalford today.
David rows out of the St Catherine's Lock.

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