Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Wedding Anniversary - June 1968 - spent with Terry and Celia at the Dorchester and a Show.

 I almost left this photo out but...  it has to go in I suppose...  Yikes!   Who is that freak on the right?  I look Goth or something don't I? I made this dress, I went to a hairdresser and paid to have my hair put up, all because I wanted to look sophisticated and trendy just like other smart girls but that is not who I am or have ever been and this is the last time I ever went to so much trouble to look like 'other smart girls' ... I'm much more comfortable being me!   David looks very handsome though doesn't he :-)

 Terry and Celia.  Terry was David's Best Man.
 Is there nothing I didn't keep? 

Neither of us can remember which show we went to that night... 

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Simon said...

according to wikipedia:

"The Man Most Likely To..., starring Leslie Phillips, opened initially at the Vaudeville in 1968 and went on to run for over 1,000 performances in London."