Thursday, August 25, 2011

Postcards from Friends - Jenny Noonan - 28.5.1969

The Castle, Conway.  Wales.

From:- Jenny Noonan - 28.5.1969

Dear Pennie and David,

     I've been staying in Derby for a few days during the long weekend.  We had the car M.O.T. and it's in good shape so we're driving to Holyhead today to go to Ireland.  We expect to be there about two weeks.
     We've met some beaut people travelling around and we've been back to their homes to stay.  We've been very impressed with Bath, Chester, Cheltenham and Shrewsbury.  The 'Youth Hostels' haven't been too bad, but from what I've heard from Trish, hostels are really primitive. I do hope your jobs are both going well.  

     See you soon, Jenny.

Castle Conway from Google.

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