Sunday, August 14, 2011

Italy - Via the Mont Blanc Tunnel to France - Switzerland - February 1969

After a few detours, because of heavy snow, we arrived at the Mont Blanc Tunnel at Courmayeur in the Aosta Valley. The tunnel had only been open since 1965 so this was a big adventure for us.  The tunnel is eleven and a half kilometres long and I found it quite scary... very scary in fact, not only was it scary and spooky to drive through poor 'Tabitha' started having a hissy fit!   She had done us proud for more than 5 weeks but she, like us, was tired.   The engine noise was deafening so David drove very slowly, we couldn't stop in the tunnel.  A car ahead of us was concerned so slowed to stay just ahead of us... when we eventually came out of the tunnel in Chamonix, France we pulled over as did the other driver who came to see if he could help.  The problem this time was a blocked injector.

From David...   "The problem this time was a blocked injector.  In a diesel engine this is serious.  But by the time we got back to Dover the noise had vanished. Tabitha just wanted to be home. She had done enough traipsing around with foreigners looking at her ......  I had no idea what the problem was at the time; it was only years later that he learned what it might have been."

 Col de la Faucille, France.
 Bit hard to see... white, white and more white! 
Lake Geneva. We spent a night or two in Switzerland but we were keen to get back to the United Kingdom, all three of us were exhausted and by the look of the above... fed up with taking photos,  money was running out so we coaxed poor old 'Tabitha Taxi' home to the land of her birth :-)

Below - Ferry leaving Calais for those beautiful White Cliffs of Dover.

So...  For now... Farewell France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and every beautiful town, village and city we've visited, we're sailing back to England to find jobs and find somewhere to live but... we will return :-)

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