Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italy - Assisi - Narni - Florence - February 1969


Today from Google...look at that pollution in the distance... yuck!

River Tiber at Narni.

Ponte Vecchio, Firenze.
I didn't see much of Florence, we parked Tabitha in a backstreet, pulled the curtains and I slept and slept because some horrible bug had caught up with me.  David in the meantime spent the time exploring but this is the only photo he took.    To be quite honest, I think we were getting tired, we'd been on the road now for 5 weeks.

Overnight snow at our camp... It certainly snowed.  The Futa Pass was closed because of the weather so we were stuck here, nice and cosy inside Tabitha but trying to get out of the cab in the morning was hard because of all the piled up snow on the running boards... took a lot of pushing and shoving and eventually two pairs of feet to push the snow off and allow us to open the door and get out.  
Doing a wee in snow like this is fine for fellas but for me it was seriously wet wet wet :-)

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