Monday, August 29, 2011

Oxfordshire - June 1969

The Thames at Henley.
 - and today from Googlemaps.  That black and white sign would be hard to read if you were just driving along, maybe they just leave it there because it's part of history?

Banbury Cross - only changes are the cars.

Banbury Cross from the Car Park - same story no change, except for the cars, in over 40 years.

 Head of the River Thames.

Carfax Tower today, below, I just couldn't get a photo from Google without that darn big bus in the way :-)

We went back to visit the Gallagher's at The Chase, Leamington Spa this weekend... we'd visited them just after we were married 12 months ago.  The Gallaghers were related to one of David's mothers neighbours and they were very welcoming to us.

While David smelled the roses... I was busy up a tree with a saw!

Here I am trying to escape over the Stile!

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