Wednesday, August 17, 2011

England - Party time - 29.3.1969

This Party was a Farewell Party for Clive (with camera), Clive was immigrating to Perth, the one in Australia!  to marry Barb.  Barb was one of the seven people at our wedding, she came to the wedding because she was staying at the Waugh's and David had got to know her.    Not long after the wedding, Barb went back home to Australia but while she was in the UK she and Clive fell in love and the rest is history, they are still in Perth and I am going to ring them today, just to say Hi!

Also in the photo above is my friend Smurray* who is sitting with me at the back, our mothers went to school together so we have known each other all our lives, this is the only photo I have of Sue in England and even though I've threatened her and bullied her she can't find any photos she might have had of us... she says they are on slides somewhere and doesn't know where.  What a shame this one will have to do.
*Smurray was and still is David's nickname for Sue, mine was Proddy... cute aren't we  :-)

 Pennie dancing with Clive, Peter Waugh in the background... do you admire the way the gentlemen are dressed?  Even though it was the rockin' sixties this is the way we dressed :-)  I love it!

 Clive shooting away again... Hey!  I wonder if he still has those photos??  Aaaahhhh... I will have to ring won't I.  Behind Clive is Terry, his cousin and to the right is Peter L. another cousin... check out Peter's sideburns! 
Terry and Pennie and ??  I have no idea who all the other people at this party are.

I took these two photos from Google Maps.  This is where we found our flat, in Merrow.  We occupied the top floor of the house below and had two rooms, a bedroom and a living cum kitchen room and a bathroom. It was very comfortable, very handy to the bus to Guildford and where I worked at Marks and Spencer and we hardly ever saw the landlady... except on Saturday when she came upstairs for a bath!  Yes you read right... she only had one bath a week yet she was spotlessly clean in every way so I guess the hand basin in her downstairs loo did her the rest of the week, heavens knows what she thought of us bathing daily.  We  can't remember our landlady's name now but she was youngish, divorced with no children and the only other thing I can remember is that someone stole her underwear off the clothes line!  

We had a lot of parties here but she never complained so we must have been well behaved :-)

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