Monday, August 1, 2011

France - Cannes - Monaco.

 I think this is David walking around the Palace Gardens in Monaco... he's wearing David's jumper but what's with the beard?  Actually I quite like it but it wasn't nice to be close to.
 Monaco Harbour in 1969, not a lot different to today from Wiki but when we were there in 2006 we thought the Apartment buildings had grown so close to each other you could shake hands from your windows.

 Monaco Palace.
 This is near the narrow road where we saw Princess Grace.  We were just leaving the Palace and walking down the road when a car came out of the Palace and towards us, we pulled back to make way and there sitting in the back was the beautiful Princess Grace.  What a thrill and what a pity our camera wasn't at the ready.

 Cannes Harbour hasn't changed much from these two photos taken 43 years apart, even the boats look much the same.

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