Monday, August 15, 2011

Postcards from Friends - From Sue Murray - 10.2.1969

Picadilly Circus.         From Sue Murray - 10.2.1969 Dear Pen and Dave, Thanks ever so much for your postcard it cheered me up no end.  Looking forward to seeing you.  I don't know what the best way is going to be to contact each other.  Maybe if you drop me a line at our new flat which is :- 41 Southwood Avenue, Highgate. N.6  or even the Bank but I only go to the Bank once a week.  Anyway I'll leave it to you.  will be away this weekend, so may see you next week.  I hope.  Sorry about the postcard it was the only thing I had to write on, Sue xx  (We didn't have mobile phones or the internet back then, we didn't even have a phone in either of the flats we rented... how did we cope I wonder :-) )

Picadilly today from Google.

Below is 41 Southwood Avenue, Highgate from Google... is this where you flatted Sue??

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