Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Postcards - London - 22.2.1969

To - Auntie Barbie, (my mothers school friend and Sue's Mum)
Merrow, nr Guildford - 22-2-1969

Dear Auntie Barbie etc.,

       Just had to drop a quick note after your letter.  (I think I must have sent this card to reassure Sue's Mum because Sue must have written to say she was homesick or something) When we got back from the Continent there was a card from Sue and an address, we called round that day but the stupid old landlord didn't let us in and took a note for Sue but didn't give it to her.  Eventually we got in touch by letter only she does sound a bit depressed but we all do at first, don't worry, even my big brave husband did in his first couple of weeks.  Anyway she is coming down next Saturday the 1st. to stay the weekend with us.  Dave is driving buses again so I've got the car and will take Sue down to Henfield to pick up some parcels, it's a lovely drive and on Saturday evening there should be a party here or something and we have a lot of single male friends so we can make up a foursome so I hope we can have a long chat, I'm dying to chat to someone other than a whinging pommy.  Will let you know how she is then, just had to drop you a note.  Love to Alan and Chris, P&D.

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