Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Italy - Pisa - January 1969

 Pisa Cathedral Square - we thought there were a lot of tourists around here, more than we'd seen in a lot of other places but look Tabitha has a very comfortable parking spot right beside the Piazza del Duomo.

 Climbing up... look mum no safety rails...

When our oldest daughter Nerys was in Pisa in the 1990's she was very disappointed to discover the tower closed, she had grown up with this above photo on the wall of our dining room and was looking forward to climbing up just like her parents had all those years ago. 

 Further up... We clanged one of these bells so I believe, if you read what David wrote in a postcard to family, that sounds naughty.

 We made it to the top... how spectacular is this eh!

Basilica, Pisa.

Look at all these little ants below... and we thought there were heaps of tourists about when we were there in 1969!  The road that Tabitha is parked on in the first photo above is now closed to traffic.

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