Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marks and Sparks - May 1969

 My next job in England was at Marks and Spencer's on the High Street, Guildford.  I loved this job, nobody told me not to work (as at Reid and Campbell) I worked Monday to Thursday leaving Friday free to go to the Laundromat, stock up at the Supermarket and pack the Taxi for the weekend of touring.  I worked some Saturday Mornings if needed.  Lunches were provided for 10 pence, they were three courses and delicious...  Soup, Roast and Sweets... or in Summer, Tomato Juice, Cold Meat Salad and Sweets!  What's not to love about that!

 Two of the Supervisors... Mr Craig and Mr Tough  :-)  I have no idea what their first names were... I was never to know methinks!  Why do both of them have their eyes closed?

 Busy folding and folding...

I don't remember who the girl in the middle is but on the right is Mrs Gulliver and Jane... I do remember Jane was just newly married and renting two rooms, she went to her Mothers on Sunday for a bath! 

Do you see how the hangers are facing?  We had to have them all facing the same way, towards the left.   You can come and check my wardrobe today... 43 years later, and you will find all my hangers face the same way.  I was brainwashed very well by M&S  :-)  I did check last time I was in the UK in 2005... they've gone a tad slack I'm afraid to report, they face every which way now.  Maybe they need me back there!

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