Sunday, July 31, 2011

France - Nice. And a delightful Mystery.

 Statue in Place Massena... there must have been some festival going on here because those bikini girls behind this statue aren't there any longer.

When I went to Google Maps to see if I could find this statue I found this below...

 ... it looks like the same spot, it looks like the same buildings, it looks like the same statues sitting in the water... so I'm sure it is the same spot but why would they spurt water up and over the statue in the middle so you can't see it?

I was so perplexed that I Googled street walked all around the Place till I found the below... less water but Hey! no statue.

Now have I got the right place or not?  Our photo says Place Massena and this is Place Massena. 
 After a break away from the computer I came back and Googled 'Statues in Nice' and found the below from the 'Best of Nice Blog'

Banned from Place Massena in the ‘70’s for being overly well-endowed, the giant marble statue of Apollo is coming back.  The fountain that currently crowns Place Massena has lived a long and twisted story:  At its inauguration in 1956 there were the current five bronze statues, but also its crowning glory: a 7-meter high, 7-ton white marble statue of Apollo standing in the center. 

Click here for an American report on Apollo... check out what they've done to the picture :-)

How funny and delightful is this story eh!  I wonder why all the fuss, there are so many naked statues in Europe so why pick on this beautiful one?

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