Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portugal - Lisbon

 Lisbon was a surprise with it's beautiful Harbour almost as beautiful as Sydney's.   I see by our photos that we had a lot of rain while we were in Portugal.

Below is the same view from Google... and...

... Below -  this photo is one taken (on Google Maps), facing the other way from ours.  That Pier in our photo has been turned into a Restaurant by the look of it.

Lisbon at night...
1969 -  Praca Dom Pedro IV with tram and without tram below.
 2011 Below -  Praca Dom Pedro IV with trams long gone.

Below - this photo was taken from inside the restaurant where we were enjoying our evening meal, those Lobsters hanging in the window were live so were moving about which fascinated passers by who stopped to look.  Entertaining for us watching the look on faces but not nice for those poor Lobsters.
Food was fantastic in Spain but even cheaper and just as delicious in Portugal.  One day we wandered into a large Market place, beautiful fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and fish everywhere and large Portuguese Mumma's dressed from head to toe in black... selling their goods.

I was dressed in leather boots and a leather mini skirt which caused those lovely Mumma's to roar with laughter and even made some of them want to poke me... to see if I was real I guess...  we left pretty quickly.  LOL  funny now but very scary back in 1969!

Neither of us knew much of Portugal before we arrived and we just loved it, especially the beaches and Lisbon, the fact that we were rich* here might have helped not like in France where we were poor.

*We budgeted most of our trips (1968-1970) from Arthur Frommer's '$5US a day Guide to Europe' except we were doing it for the two of us on $5 a day... in some countries we were rich and in others we were poor but we could always fall back on those canned and dried foods in 'Tabitha' if we couldn't afford to eat the local foods.

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