Friday, July 22, 2011

Postcards - Sevilla, Spain - 18.1.1969


To:- Meredith, Newport. NSW 2106 - 18/1/1969
Dear Bub,
     H.A.L.T.* weather lovely tho rain in Portugal. At the moment we're camped in a camping area beside the beach (no sand, just pebbles) most of the people are from G.B., U.S.A., France or Germany, nearly all English speaking which is a nice break.  Dave and I are running out of things to say to each other.  This is the Cathedral in Seville where Columbus was buried, isn't it massive.  There are some very lovely buildings in Spain and a lot of Roman ruins with beautiful mosaics very well preserved like Mama's card.

Monday 20/1/1969
Some Aussies arrived last night at the camp, two oldies from Hurstville, it's always a thrill to see someone from home.  Yesterday we just sun baked all day, it was fabulous, I got a bit of colour up, Dave stayed the same.  We washed the taxi yesterday and I reckon it's at least 10 lbs lighter with all the mud gone.  Love Pennie and Dave.

*Having a lovely time.

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