Monday, July 4, 2011

Postcards from Australia - Canberra - 11.1968

 Aerial view of Canberra's rapidly expanding shopping and business district at Civic Centre.

From:-    Mary.  (David's Mother)  November 1968.
Yr. letter of 15 Nov. rec'd w. thanks. Painters are in so things are nearing completion, just doorhandles, light fittings & taps to go on & we'll be able to enjoy the new layout.  Most surprising how much larger the K looks.   Sent some newspaper cuttings which I hope will eventually turn up. Much love MSG.

 Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, Canberra A.C.T.
From:-    David's sister, Julia (aged 13)  and their Mum, Mary.  8/7/1968
Dear David and Pennie, I liked your wedding photos very much.  Dudu sent the cutting out of the paper up.  Is the cottage in the background yours?  We played another basketball match on Friday against Queanbeyan and won it 14-13.  The badminton record is now 136 Pennie, Mum and I scored this.  Doodie.
From Mary:-  Truly!  Bus photos rec'd w. thanks.  "Hewitt's potatoes & all" Our Mr H. helped me home with magnif. chest of drawers from Auction of McKillop home on Sat.  Love M.S.G.

Forrest Motor Lodge, Forrest. A.C.T.  19/8/1968
A couple of days here while the tiler re-does the bathrm.  Off white colour.  the hot showers much apprec.  Yr p.c.s. from Lands End much apprec.  J & M practising tennis at 7:45am!! on the Forrest Courts!!  Will go to Johnny Purnell's & get her a racquet.  Have got to chase round for light fittings next.  'Aunt Bray' lived at Tavistock & wrote about the countryside, Dartmoor etc.  Mr B. was the Parson.  The Vicarage T'Stock.  Were either of you in that surf at Sidmouth!?
Much love M.

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