Sunday, July 24, 2011

Postcards - Sevilla, Spain - 17.1.1969

Sevilla - Roman Ruins Santiponce
To:- Dudu (David's Grandmother) Killara, NSW. 2071.  17/1/1969

Dear Dudu,
     Rather a while since any news, we are going well, had a spell of VERY wet weather which rather spoiled Portugal for us, but Lisbon was superb, all so clean and well planned and the whole country alive with gum trees.  Had a leak in the fuel tank repaired in a tiny Portuguese village in the rain, with half the village spectating for 50 escudos (15/-) Mediterranean beaches so far are disappointing - all black sand.  P.T.O. is near where we were yesterday.  All going well, although the taxi is falling to bits on the rough roads.  Much love P & D XX

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