Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spain - San Sebastian on the Bay of Biscay - January 1969

Just over the Spanish Border in Irun.

San Sebastian.  We'd been staying in Youth Hostels each night as it was a bit cold for camping.  The Youth Hostel in San Sebastian had big Dormitories, boys downstairs and girls upstairs.  There were no other girls booked in that night and as I was settling in a man walked in talking to me, I couldn't understand him and thought he worked there but he tried to grab me in a not very comfortable way so I escaped and leaving all my goods and chattels ran downstairs to try and find David which was difficult as a basketball team were checking in and it was bedlam in the boys Dormitory.  Anyway David and I made a big fuss and he told the management he would be sleeping with me... which he did although I didn't really have a good night.  Scarey Stuff!  The man didn't come back though and all my goods and chattels were safe.

Below from Google Maps the same spot as above,  no more angle parking, now its a bike path which is much better. 
Last night on Anthony Bordain's show he walked right along this path!  How magical is that :-)

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