Saturday, July 30, 2011

France - Nice.

La plage... looking West... looks a bit bleak in January 1969, same spot below today from Wiki.

La plage... looking East.

David wrote on this photo below... 'De Gaulle in mufti'
Do you think this man looks like De Gaulle?  LOL 
Why would Charles De Gaulle be walking down a street in Nice?  Aw well maybe he was practicing being one of the mob, he resigned his Presidency in the year we were there, on 28th April 1969.

Besides the sides... I think Charles De Gaulle looks like Jaques Tati LOL
 Or Jacques Tati looks like Charles De Gaulle?
 Nice Harbour.  (Actually I don't mean 'nice' harbour... maybe I should have written 'The Harbour of Nice!'
Gosh it looks like a lot of building is going on down on the waterfront.

That is one massive boat down there today.

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