Friday, July 29, 2011

France - Nimes - Avignon - Marseille.

Pennie at the La Maison Carree, Nimes in 1969 and today from Wiki.

David at La Maison Carree in 1968.

From Wiki - La Maison Carree is an ancient building in Nimes,  it is one of the best preserved temples to be found anywhere in the territory of the former Roman Empire, built in 16BC.  It underwent restoration between 1988–1992, during which time it was re-roofed and the square around it was cleared, revealing the outlines of the forum. Sir Norman Foster was commissioned to build a modern art gallery, known as the Carré d'Art, on the far side of the square, to replace the city theatre of Nîmes, which had burnt in 1952. This provides a startling contrast to the Maison Carrée but renders many of its features, such as the portico and columns, in steel and glass. The contrast of its modernity is thus muted by the physical resemblance between the two buildings, representing architectural styles 2000 years apart.  

Well I don't know about all that, I much prefer the building that was there before that steel and glass one below.

I don't know what year Google Maps was there but today's photo shows more restoration in progress.
Beautiful isn't it, looks unreal after it's restoration.  (photo from Wiki)

Palis de Papes, Avignon.  You can see me sitting in the front here, this Taxi had had a conversion which obviously allowed a second person to sit in the Cabin... I'd forgotten about that.

Marseille in 1969 showing the beautiful Cathedrale Sainte Marie-Majeure.

From about the same spot as above with the Cathedrale almost hidden.
 But I found it  :-)  on Wiki of course.  Isn't it beautiful and different to many we've already seen.

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