Monday, July 11, 2011

France - Cherboug - Bayonne in Western France - January 1969

 In the Streets of Fougeres, Brittany.

David on the Rampants at Angouleme.  This is another jumper I'd knitted for David before we were married, I made this for him while he was in New Zealand.  I think the deal was that he paid for the wool and I knitted for him.  I did this for another couple of friends from 'Wollogorang' as well... I was a very prolific knitter, all my family had my hand work as well.  (Unfortunately this jumper has passed on, there was a matching beanie as well.)
Can you see how clever I am, and it didn't take all that long.  Below is a Grab from Google Earth taken from about the same spot as the photo above... see the building in the forefront and the river and the bridge!  Yes Yes I know... I rock  :-) 

Pennie in the Markets in Angouleme.   We were starting to drool over the fresh foods available in France, especially the cheeses and breads and pastries. All delicious but pricey.

 Some Public Loos in Angouleme.  I can't remember what is on that oval sticker on the left of the back of Tabitha.  I hope I get a clearer picture of it soon, or remember. 

Bayonne on the River Adour, close to the Bay of Biscay and the border to Spain.
Here's another photo taken with Grab from Google Maps, this is the Pont Saint-Esprit on the River Adour.

After a few days we were quite comfortable driving a right hand drive vehicle on the right hand side of the road, it's surprising how quickly we got used to it.

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