Thursday, July 21, 2011

Portugal - Castro Verde - Villa Read de Santo Antonio.

 Eucalyptus trees lining the open roads were such a thrill, their lovely fresh smell took us back home as we drove along.  Why are there so many Gum Trees in Portugal we wonder.
From Wiki:- In continental Portugal, the Azores and Galicia numerous oak forests have been replaced with eucalyptus, which are farmed for pulpwood, with severe effects on wildlife.

A roadside water fountain and picnic area. 

 Rain, rain, rain with the streets of Alcacer do Sal flooded by the River Sado.

 Crossing the very full River Sado.

 Near Castro Verde poor 'Tabitha' sprung a leak in her rusty fuel tank, we limped into the nearest village which was Castro Verde where with much amazement and amusement a couple of mechanics repaired her.  (London Taxi's weren't a regular sight in this little Village.)  We paid 50 escudo and a carton of British Cigarettes (David was a smoker back then) and were on our way.

We continued south heading towards the Mediterranean and to Vila Real de Santo Antonio to a Car Ferry across the Guadiana River to Ayamonte in Spain, it was the only way to cross the border back then.

Only four cars fit on the Ferry and across the boat instead along. I notice the car beside us is from the Netherlands then the one beside it is from Britain. A bridge a little to the north of the below picture was built in 1991 so is now the only way to cross the river, this car ferry having long gone.

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