Saturday, July 16, 2011

Postcards - Madrid, Spain - 8-1-1969

Madrid - Avendia de Jose Antonio. To:- Tim, my brother. Newport 2106  January 8th 1969

Dear Tim, 
Spain is fabulous, food is so cheap it makes you very envious, wish it was as good as this at home.  David, poor dear, has been sick two days on Squid cooked in it's own ink.  All the black cars on this card with red strips are Diesel Taxi's Spanish made Fiat (Seat in Spanish) Madrid is so noisy everyone seems to yell at each other and all the cars beep at each other. The men seen to stare so much I think it's the mini skirts.  Spanish girls seem so prim and proper.  The beaches we saw in France looked good surf beaches with sand.  P & D

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