Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boxing Day 1968 - The Guildford Hunt

The start of the Guildford Hunt, Castle Hill.
Next morning, Boxing Day, we set off walking to see the start of the Hunt.  How I was loving it, living what I'd only read about in books.

The paths were covered in black ice and very slippery and I thought I was being so careful but slipped and fell on the cold hard wet pavement!  That was it!  I was now officially 'over' snow and ice.  I remember feeling so angry that this should happen to me, I didn't know it could, I thought I was the only one but of course I wasn't, it didn't make me feel any better though so I just cried and I didn't enjoy the start of the Hunt one little bit!  I was so determined not to I suppose.
I wanna go hommmmmeeee....

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