Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guildford on Christmas Day 1968 - It Snowed and Snowed!

On Christmas Eve we left our beautiful little cottage in Henfield, said teary goodbyes to Mrs Hurst and moved back into the Waugh's home in Guildford.  We all went out to the Pub on Christmas Eve with everyone still saying it wouldn't snow.  But as you can see in these photos... it snowed overnight :-)

'Tabitha' is all covered in snow... how happy do I look eh!

And David as well, this was the first of many times that we had to scrape snow and ice off the windscreen.
David and Peter opening presents with an Aussie beer and a silly bib that says 'I'm a dinkum Aussie'. Is that a Fosters in his hand?
Pennie opening then wearing all her Christmas presents with the two new kittens enjoying the wrapping paper.  I remember these kittens but I don't think they had a happy ending, the Waughs lived on the busy Farnham Road.  
Everything had to stop for the Queens Speech, I know it was shown in Australia as well but I'd never watched it before and I haven't since after having to sit hushed at the Waughs all those Christmas's ago.
Phoning Home!  What a business that was, bookings had to be made, airmail letters had to be written to inform the family of the time of the booked call so they were at home and not down on the beach and Christmas was the worst time of all to try and ring because of the heavy bookings.
Pennie clearing the path of snow.
David making our first snowman, it wasn't as pretty as those in cards or in movies but it was our first :-)  I think this may have been our only hand made snowman, it wasn't as fun as it looks in the movies.

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