Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Wedding - June 1968

 David in Guildford Surrey with his Vauxhall Wyvern called 'Vera', David met Peter Waugh in New Zealand and it was Peter who suggested David visit the UK and it was Peter who named all his vehicles... hence Vera!

 My whole family came to Sydney Airport to see me off.
From back left:-   Cousin baby Matthew, Uncle Mick, Cousin Andrew.
Next Back Row:-  Uncle Tony, Great Aunt Carol, ?friend of Meretith's?, blond behind her was Wendy my future SIL now ex, Aunty Anne, sister Meredith, the bald head behind her is my Dad, Me holding a boquet of flowers, Mum, Aunty Pam, Cousin Susie,
Front Row:-  Cousin Marcus, brother Nick and cousin Simon.
Also there was my brother Tim and a few other friends.

One old boyfriend of mine turned up, took a chain from around his neck put it around my neck, wished me good luck and kissed me goodbye.  I haven't seen him again but I did see his name in the paper a while ago, he has something to do with the Chef's Warehouse in Surry Hills... must go and say hello one day.

 Pennie arriving at Heathrow... that's me looking very lost as I descend the stairs on the left.

David's friends the Waugh's helped him organize our Wedding and it was Elsie (Peter's mother) who supplied our Wedding Feast.

Off to London for a weeks Honeymoon in 'Vera'.


Wendy said...

Loving your account already! Looking forward to travelling the rest of the journey with you.

Pennie and David said...

Thanks Wendy, I'm really enjoying it myself... memories :-)