Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dorset/Devon - On the Road again - September 1968 - this time to the West Country.

Dinner time - Each weekend we shopped at Tesco's for the basic foods then bought the odd fresh meat, fruit or vegetables along the way, we cooked on our Campingaz on the luggage rack and on cool evenings used the back of the Taxi as a dining room :-)
Do you like those curtains?  Pity we don't have colour photos, they were red and white check, very friendly and cosy it was.

 Our camp site, just outside Tolpuddle in Dorset. We found plenty of quiet places to pull off the road in the evenings, the only traffic was early in the mornings as the Farmers went about their business.

 Abbotsbury in Dorset, the Ilchester Arms on right. I just Googled to find the name and it's still there but has some terrible reviews about the accommodation and the food.

Sidmouth, Devon.  The beaches aren't looking any better.

 Another meal time, this time on a sunny day just outside Dartmouth in Devon.

Under Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Tube Bridge at Saltash built across the Tamar River, Devon.  Linking Great Western Railway to Cornwall and finished in 1859 the year of Brunel's death.

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