Sunday, June 26, 2011

Postcards - Lands End - 4.10.1968

 Lands End, Cornwell. 4/10/1968 - to - Julia, Deakin. ACT 2600

Dear Doodie,
You can see where we are, we have taken 5 days to get here via Dorset, Devon and finally Cornwall, and we are lucky, repeat lucky, to have a lovely day.  The place really looks like the card pictures it.  I imagine we have been near where Aunt Mollie was born if you remember her.   All along the roads, every road, are hedges of blackberries which we have with our Devon Clotted Cream for pudding every night.  The taxi is a perfect caravan.
Love Pennie and David.

Land’s End and Longships Lighthouse, Cornwall.

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