Friday, June 24, 2011

Postcards - Cornwall/Devon - 4.10.1968

 Land’s End, Cornwall. 4/10/1968 - to - Mary, Deakin. ACT. 2600

Dear Mum
We have been blessed with lovely weather today for the end point of our week in Devon and Cornwall.  It has been lovely, Sidmouth was our first stop in Devon, and the place I am sure was alive with Aunt Mollies*.  We called on relatives of Pennie’s (Rodd’s) a Mrs Arthur Rodd and her sister-in-law Fanny. (A merry version of Aunt Mollie) at Yelverton, South Dartmoor, where they OWN Buckland Abbey, former home of Francis Drake now a museum on lease to Plymouth Corporation. More of it next time.  Tomorrow, weather permitting we’ll be doing a day trip to the Scillies.
Love P&D (and taxi)

Sidmouth, Devon.
*David had an Aunt Mollie in Australia, I never met her.

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