Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Postcards - Battle - 19.8.1968

Battle, East Sussex 19/8/1968 - to - Nick, Newport. NSW 2106

Dear Nick,
Thanks very much for your letter, it was very good to hear at last.  Last weekend we had another beaut time, firstly we left for Guildford straight after work and had tea at Waugh’s and went to see an Aussie movie which wasn’t really good, mostly about animals in N.T. Then set off for Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury of course, it is really beautiful and very interesting, the story of Beckett’s murder, I saw in the film ‘Beckett’, so found it really beaut.  Then down to Dover and saw at last, the white Cliffs of Dover.  They really are white and are really beautiful, then to Folkstone, a big beach resort.  There were a lot of French and English tourists arriving back from France.  We saw them getting on and off Ferries from our position on the white Cliffs and they just looked like toys.  Ferries leave to and from France nearly every half hour it seems, we walked all over the old Norman Castle at Dover, saw where the first Channel Fleet landed.  Then on to Hastings and Battle where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066, it was very interesting so look it up or ask Mum or Dad.
Love Pennie and David.

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