Friday, June 24, 2011

Postcards - Clifton Beach, Sidmoth - 4.10.1968

Lands End, Cornwall 4/10/1968 - to - Mary, Deakin. ACT 2600

Dear Mum,
We are having a beautiful tour, even weather-wise you’ll hear how we saw the Rodds at Buckland Abbey, it was great.  We have blackberries from the side of the road, with clotted cream for pudding every night. Land’s End is a thrill, and very relaxing.  My favourite was Dartmouth which looked more like Dr Doolittle’s Puddleby than the film one I think. We hope to surf near Newquay today, we’re going now.  Bye, love P & D.

Clifton Beach, Sidmouth. Devon.

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