Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hawaii - Honolulu - 5.7.1970

 Arriving in Honolulu on board the S.S. President Cleveland.  Aloha Tower.

Below - Aloha Tower from Google Maps.

 We hired a car along with Mitzi, Nancy, Honny, Dirk and spent the day driving around the Island of Ohau.  Looking towards Diamond Head.

 Picnic stop at Sunset Beach.

 Sunset Beach today from Google.

 Machines picking Pineapples.

 Pineapple fields from Google.

 Some very naughty people stealing Pineapples.  They were and still are the sweetest and the juiciest Pineapples we've ever tasted.

 Our drive around Oahu.

From Yohohama,  Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii.

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