Saturday, March 10, 2012

S.S. President Cleveland - At Sea - 28.6.1970 to 10.7.1970

It was such fun aboard the S.S. President Cleveland heading to San Francisco, mainly because it was a two Class Ship.  The Second Class, (which we were in), were mostly young students, young couples or young families.  There were a lot of Japanese heading to the U.S.A. for University.   Occasionally someone from first class would venture our way, which they discovered was the fun place to be as their First Class was a bit stuffy, they were allowed to come down a Class but we weren't allowed to go up a Class.  Anyway... we didn't welcome them so they got the message.

The food aboard was American, plentiful and absolutely fantasmorgorical!!!   especially after all that time in the U.S.S.R. and the years of touring Europe on a budget.   The breakfast Menu was something we'd never seen before, there were special feast days, there was plenty of fresh fruits... we  were in food heaven.

The Entertainment was non stop as well and these are photos of the Fancy Dress Night.  The Purser gave us as much crepe paper as we wanted and we worked on our costumes most of the day.  Most of the Japanese dressed as Japanese.

I dressed as a Kangaroo and Won!  Hurray for me :-)  I wish I could find that Trophy!

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